Work: Ski (Snowboard coaching)

Since 1998 Eric has been imparting his love for snowsports (mostly snowboarding) on students from ages six through sixty six. As a American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) level 3 certified snowboard coach.  Eric has worked hard to hone his craft and ensure he is able to have the most impact on a student for their time and money.  Eric works with anyone from beginners on the bunny hill to experts in the trees, bumps, ice and terrain park.  Eric is only currently on staff at Blue Hills Ski Area in Canton, Massachusetts.  He is also open and available for other engagements throughout the New England and Mid Atlantic region(s). If you’re interested in setting something up shoot Eric a message at

Catch you on the slopes!

Eric Dresser - Snowboard Resume

Blue Hills Snowboard Manual