The Benifits Of The Recycle Bin

So lately I have been on a big recycling kick. I’ve seen too many documentaries, and scary statistics to ignore the fact that it’s super important, not to mention economically wise to recycle. Something that I have realized since I started recycling (paper at least) is that the recycle bin actually helps me organizationally. Yes, I do need to have an additional bin near my trash can that takes up more space, but there many are benefits as well. Think about the recycle bin on your computer. Have you ever deleted something then thought later; “Damn, why did I delete that file!” Well I find a physical recycle bin offers the same solution as the recycle bin on a computer does. Using a recycling bin not only allows you to help the environment, but also helps you in the case you discard something prematurely. I have also found that using a recycling bin has helped me to get rid of some of the things that I am not sure if I should keep or get rid of, as well as things that I have a difficult time putting in the trash (ie. greeting cards.) So there you have it, a tip that is both helpful for you and for our planet. Now just think, I am that much closer to 100% digital filing & 0 paper waste (my resolution for next New Years.)