Online movie rental services

A few years ago I was in college. During that time I majored in Communication Studies. I didn’t have a minor, because they didn’t offer what I wanted as a minor, but rather as a focus. That focus was in “Television & Video Production.” So when someone asks me what I studied in school I have started to tell them the following; I was a Communications Studies major, with a unofficial concentration in Mass Communications & a focus in Television & Video Production. The reason I bring this up is that I studied film A LOT. I have grown accustomed to watching a lot of movies. This was always a difficult and expensive task. At almost $5.00 per DVD rental it got expensive quickly. Enter Netflix, DVD rentals just got a whole lot easier and a whole lot more affordable. I was loving it, renting movie, after movie, after movie. until I got added to “The Slow List.” I put that in quotes because I am not the first person to be put onto the slow list. This is something that Netflix does often. So what can I do, well I can quit, and I did. My next mouse click was on I was signed up in minutes, and it’s way better then Netflix. For every DVD I take out from their online outfit, I get a coupon for an in store rental. This means that I walk into any Blockbuster store and grab a Movie (or game) and place it on the counter with my membership card. Scan, Scan, & X is due back on Y by Z’oclock. That’s it. Just return it on time. Meanwhile, the moment they scan your online DVD, the next one is scheduled for delivery. It actually gets shipped while you are watching your free DVD. I am so impressed. I know this post sounds like an ad, but it is because it is truly as good of a deal as it sounds like in the commercial. I would defiantly recommend checking it out.To see the ad click the image at the top of this post.