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A while back, as most people know, the iPhone came out. You just can’t deny it, it’s pretty slick. It is ease to use, it’s pretty looking, and oh so streamlined. Around the same time as the iPhone was coming out my 4th Treo was dying. It was time to get a new phone. I began the arduous task of shopping around to see what was out there. I had a short list of features I wanted in a phone, and wanted to see how many of them I could find in one handset. As I researched and shopped around, I became very impressed with the Verizon branded “XV-6800.” The name isn’t very impressive and was kind of hard to remember, but the phone looked pretty good. Made by HTC (High Technology Corporation) a company specializing in smartphones; the 6800 features a slick easy to use slider design, Windows Mobile 6, and a USB charger. These features were all things I really wanted to get in my new phone. I was able to convince the customer service representative to swap put my 3rd non-working Treo with this XV-6800. (I just had to resign my contract, which was actually just resigned the day before….um, ok…. no-brainer!)

I’ve been using the phone for about six months now, and must say I really love the device. Recently I’ve also realized why I prefer this more utilitarian phone over the beautiful, easy to use iPhone. Apple products seem to play to certain types of consumers. As I have said again and again; the iPhone is easy to use & very stylish, but it does lack in other areas. Apple is just now starting to allow 3rd party developed software, (but you know you’re going to have to pay for it.) It’s good to see Apple is starting to see the light here, because one of the best features of Windows Mobile phones is that there is a ton of software available from all sorts of places to improve the functionality & ease of use of the phones. I’m not saying it’s easy, but if you’re willing to do some research these Windows Mobile Smartphones have some great capabilities. Take a look at some of the modifications I have made to my phone in the link included below.

Link: My HTC XV6800