James Cameron’s Epic Quest for Avatar

article-1208038-06212B30000005DC-264_306x423-777174Titanic director; James Cameron gets ready to unveil his long-awaited sci-fi adventure “Avatar.” While I admittedly hadn’t closely followed what he’s been up to recently, an article in Wired magazine quickly peaked my interest. Wired takes a looks at the filmmaker and the technological achievements that helped him bring his stunning 3-D Avatar to the big screen. There was a lot of vision & patience that went into the creation of Avatar, and technological advancements that needed to happen before the movie could really be made. I for one respect his passion and patience and will do my part to help ensure that this movie earns at least the 250 million that it needs to in order to be profitable.

Link: Wired Magazine: James Cameron’s Epic Quest for Avatar

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