Sharing is Caring

It’s not just what we share, it’s where we share, and with whom. You may noticed that I’ve added Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter buttons to my home page. I’ve decided that this website is a great central place to direct people to various points in my “cyber network.” However with all of the various social networks out there and the always increasing numbers of viewers, one has to be especially cautious what they share, where they share, and who they share it with. As an aspiring your professional I’ve been thinking a lot lately about personal branding (great video to that effect.) There’s a a lot of information on the web about how to do this and I thought I’d try and boil down a bit of what I found here.

I heard a great quote describing how a few of the more popular social network fits into your life. the quote goes; “MySpace is the Bar, Facebook the Backyard BBQ, and LinkedIn the Office.” I’d never really thought of it that way, but I suppose it is a pretty accurate description of how I use these services especially when I also throw in Twitter as a true “news feed.” I’ve found that my network (those I associate with) have for the most part stopped using MySpace so I decided not to spend as much time on this service, but the others certainly seem to have many uses for me. With new connections always being made it seems really important to put the right information out there. For me Facebook has really taken off for me lately, but recently it seems my demographic of “friends” on Facebook has changed and it requires me to present a much more professional look. I also decided that it was definitely worth it to give LinkedIn a whole hearted effort. I started working to fill in some parts of my profile I had skipped initially. If you’re asking yourself (like I was initially) why you might use LinkedIn check out this YouTube playlist I created explaining why to use LinkedIn, how to get started, and how to stand out.

I’m pretty happy now with the way things are organized, but one might ask, how does this blog fit in? That it a good question. With the trend moving towards getting your message out in 140 characters or less it leaves this blog as a place for longer format posts. As such, readers of this blog won’t likely see the frequency of updates increase, rather it’s much more likely that many new posts will end up on some of these other services. If you care to follow me further and see these updates I encourage you to visit my “follow page“. There you’ll find all that you need to keep up with me in the many corners of the internet where I post content. As always thanks for reading.