Brockton Community Access (BCA)

Brockton Community Access
Director of Operations
February  2008 – December 2011

My role at Brockton Community Cable Television is a very dynamic one. On any given day my responsibilities are never the same. Covering so many different things really helps to keep things fresh, and provides me with very few dull moments. Working in such an urban & cultural center as Brockton means that there is always a lot going on. Additional to serving as a producer; capturing, and editing a number of regional events for playback on one of our three stations, I also often act as a something of a “problem solver” within BCCT. From the purchase, installation, & management of our MaestroVision digital playback server, to the development and maintenance of our dynamic website, there’s a lot to be done. Editing systems need maintenance as do the desktop computers, printers, and our exchange server. As the Technical Operations Coordinator, I’m the guy who keeps this equipment and all the people who use it happy.

Some highlights from my work at BCA: