Hingham Community Access & Media
Executive Director
October, 2011 – December, 2016

Having spent the better part of three decades living in the town of Hingham, MA, when the opportunity came up to bring community media to the town I grew up in I jumped at the chance to get involved. Working as the Executive Director of HCAM gives me a chance everyday to work in many of the areas I am passionate about. I meet new people, learn new things, teach others, and give back to the community each and every day. This is how I would want to spend my free time so having the chance to do this every day is truly a wonderful thing. All this in the town in which I was raised, I can now return the favor. It is a great opportunity and one I am very thankful to have.

Highlights from 2016 viewable here in the HCAM 2016 Annual Report:

Some video Highlights from my time at HCAM: