About Me:

My name is Eric Dresser, and I’m a fun loving, family oriented, young professional living on Boston’s South Shore in the town of Weymouth. I’ve been lucky enough to find a home only a few minutes up the road from where I grew up, and I must say I love it here. The location puts me in a convenient area right in the middle of a lot of the things I love to do (for more information on that see my “interests” page).

Throughout my life I have had a several common threads, a commitment to community, a hunger for knowledge, an obsession with technology, and a strong desire to share what I learn and love with others. These traits have certainly had a major impact on my life and shaped how I occupy most of my time.  By day I am the Executive Director at Hingham Community Access & Media, a small non profit organization under contract with the Town of Hingham, serving as a community media hub; connecting and informing those who live, work, and study in Hingham through the provision of media services, dynamic programming content, and media/production training. My work at HCAM encompasses many areas; including program and relationship development, enlisting community partners and volunteers, managing a small staff and designing and operating a cutting edge community media center.  We’ve of course got to make sure to also fill the center with the equipment to create excited users who will share their content with the community. My work in Hingham is a perfect nexus of many of my lifelong passions such as; teaching, community service, and technology.  I enjoy serving in the role of Executive Director at HCAM and am very happy to have this opportunity each and every day.

Outside of my work at HCAM I also own and operate a small media consulting practice; “Edge Media Strategies”.  At Edge I facilitate and provide design/print services, audio/photo/video production services, and media strategy consulting for a variety of clients.

On top of all of this I’m a husband, a father, and an avid outdoorsman.  When I’m not at work you’ll usually find me outdoors somewhere, whether that’s out on my boat enjoying a sail, or hiking/biking a trail somewhere.  I also spend a lot of time out on the slopes as a snowboard instructor/coach as I have for the better part of two decades.  I find it to be a real thrill sharing a sport you love with others, but my teaching doesn’t end on the slopes. I tend to spend my free time working in some way to learn something new and share it with others, it’s a large part of the reason I started this website.

I’ve got a lot of other hobbies too, but I’ve already typed plenty here. So instead, surf around this site a bit and see what I do, there’s a lot of pictures video and other information on this website all about what I do.  Please consider following me on any of the various social media networks listed on the right side of this page & thanks for stopping by!

About this page:

A lot of people ask me “why EricDresser.com?” I don’t really ever have a quick answer, but what started as a place to post my resume and show a few examples of my work has over time turned into a place to upload original content and link to other outside material that I thought might be important or otherwise notable. In addition to this you will also find a lot of information about me, my hobbies, research & some of what I have been up to lately.

Today this website serves to help me stay connected and to try and index some of the many corners of the web where I have content. I also like to share information here about my hobbies and some of the research I’ve done on various topics. Throughout this page you will find pictures, videos, and information, & always a growing list of more stuff. Read my blog to see some of the stuff I’ve been working on lately, check out some of my multimedia I share on my gallery and work pages, and feel free to check out some of the content I post or share on other social networks via my follow page.