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Track Hurricanes, Past and Present

As summer begins winding to a close, hurricane season is just getting started. The folks at the Sarasota Herald Tribune have created a sweet map and data mashup for tracking hurricanes at Ibiseye.com. It uses Google Earth imagery and maps. You can even choose to overlay it with the latest satellite image. You can track Fay, or any other storm in the archives. All of the current weather advisories from NOAA are on the site as well. In addition to hurricanes and tropical storms, this site also keeps track of all current weather advisories like flood warnings, heat advisories, thunderstorms, etc.

The site gained it’s namesake from the Ibis, which is said to be the last bird to leave ahead of a storm and first to return; ibisEYE.com gives a similar view of all hurricanes to hit Florida from 1851 to today.

Take a look at some of the features this site offers:
– All hurricanes paths mapped from 1851 – Present.
– A “Risk Estimator” that as they describe, “approximates the value of the property in the path of any storm since 1960 should the storm hit today.”
– Updated AP weather/disaster news feeds.
– For active storms, users will be able to predict where the storm will go.
– A statewide damage reporting system allows anyone to report any damage and/or loss of services.
– There’s even weather alert tracking from Virginia to Texas (for all National Weather Service notices of hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, tornados, etc.)