Welcome to EricDresser.com – version 3

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EricDresser.com – Version 2
Retired on 2013-12-31

Welcome to the newly relaunched EricDresser.com, I’ve retired “version 2.0” which served me from 2005 – 2013.  This was a major upgrade from version 1, but it was starting to feel just as dated as “version 1” had felt when I updated the last time around.  My last blog post (posted more than 3 years earlier) was entitled “Sharing is Caring”.  In this post I detailed the changing plan I had for the blog and an indicated that I’d be taking some time away from blogging.  I’ve decided however to keep the blog around in this new version of my site.

There are still a few reasons why I might still use a blog on my website and those are as follows:

  1. To tell you about the many changes or updates I make to this page.
  2. I plan to post some things that just don’t fit in to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the other social networks I’m on.
  3. For the times that I feel like writing an article that is more in depth than a Facebook post about where I ate dinner or what mountain I skied at.  You’ll find that content here as it comes up.

I hope you find this site easier to navigate, but even more importantly I find it way easier to update.  At the point I’m at in my life that was becoming really important.  With a family depending on me, quick and easy site maintenance was really attractive to me.  You may notice the new header I’ve created (now in it’s 3rd revision) and I think it’s a good reflection of who I am and where I came from.  Thanks for visiting and reading