Hingham Community Access & Media
Executive Director
January, 2017 – Current

In 2017 I began at Whitman Hanson Community Access, coming on board to help in organizing and systemizing operations at Whitman & Hanson’s local media center.  At my previous position as the founding Executive Director of Hingham Community Access & Media I had done a lot of building both in the physical and organizational sense.  After a large construction process bringing HCAM into their next phase, I made the move to WHCA; excited to help with some of the modernization the WHCA board was looking to accomplish.  Since coming to WHCA we have made several changes to our facility, website, staff, programming, operations, & policies. As we look to the future I am excited to involve all of you the members of the community in our work to continue to deliver a truly local experience for all those in Whitman & Hanson.