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The biggest, multi-day headache

Alright, preface: This is not the whole story, because the story is still developing. But let me tell you; since Saturday, my computer has been in pieces and won’t get past the windows loading screen. Bios, windows loading screen, blue screen of death (flashes,) repeat. This has been the problem for not 1 but both of the 2 motherboards, I have bought in the last 5 days. The present thinking is that I have a boot sector virus. So most recently I spent the night playing the old hard drive swap game, backing up files for a format and fresh reinstall. Of course this morning after the copy (using my father’s computer) His computer wouldn’t start up. Every “step” of this process has multiplied to 5.
When this project is done, I am going to make a long post about the things I have learned, I will talk about some of the steps you can take to not find your self in the same situation. Until then my head hurts. But at the present rate; not for long, because I am about to loose it.