So I am sitting at Panera Bread killing time. I was surfing around the web and doing nothing of too much importance, when I realized the perfect thing to do. I thought; I should post to my blog. I haven’t in a while and its so the type of thing to do while sitting in a coffee shop surfing the web. It’s definitly the Web 2.0 thing to do.
I don’t really have too much to post about. I have been keeping super busy but not doing much of too much importance. Most recently I have decided what snowboard equipment I am getting, and decided exactly what my battle plan is going to be in terms of this seasons ski season. I have decided to work at Cannon again, (a decision that didn’t come easily,) & also do a night a week at Blue Hills. I think this is a good thing because I need to try and get excited about skiing again. Last season I wasn’t, and it usually is my favorite thing to do. I am hoping that the people at Blue Hills can help bring back some of the excitement I had lost.
I guess the other thing I have been doing is really trying to refine some of my work that I do in freelance video I do. In fact, I’m off to a meeting of the NPVA now. That said, it’s time to go.