It only took until Tuesday, after a short delay (snow day) from mother nature to get back to work from a great vacation. I flew out early last Sunday to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and skied for 5 days returning late Saturday night. The conditions were great! It was my first trip out west so I was psyched to get such good snow. Each night we got new snow & one day nearly a foot of fresh snow fell as we skied. In anticipation for the trip I bought a new camera replacing my Canon Powershot SD400 Digital Elph with another Canon, this time the SD1100 IS. I’ve been a big fan of the Canon cameras & their operating systems. I find Canon cameras extremely easy to use, and quite reliable. I took a bunch of pictures this past week, as did others I was with. I compiled, captioned, & posted them all on Picasa, take a look!

Link: Vacation Pictures from Jackson Hole, Wyoming – 2009

Well, ski season is officially over. It’s really hard for me, but what a season it was. For the first time ever I hiked Tuckerman’s ravine and made a pretty nice run down. It was definitely exhausting, but it was honestly the experience of a lifetime. I will absolutely do it again. I highly recommends looking at the pictures. Apparently the day I went was one of the most popular weekends in recent history up there, and there were thousands of people up there. It was almost like a beach party. Te trip down was way better the the trip up. We took the Sherborne trail down and it might actually have been my favorite part of the day. What a beautiful and rhythmic ride down. So now that the weather is getting nicer it’s time to start thinking about summer sports. I’ve begun working on my boats and can’t wait until they’re in the water. I also bought a new bike with plans to do a lot more bike riding this year. While searching for good bike routs nearby I came across a great website for mapping your bike rides, as well as searching through rides cataloged by other people nearby. I’ve posted a few of the routes I like on my page, but all of is pretty cool to check out. I’d recommend it. Read more

Some people say I am crazy; going skiing every weekend, working every week day. At times I wonder myself it this is true. Then I have a weekend like I had this weekend. The type I haven’t had in two years. I am covered in bumps and bruises, and I am here to tell you that I wouldn’t want it any other way. I had a wonderful weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the 30+” of snow that Cannon received last week. The 6-8″ that fell all day on Sunday was just the icing on the cake. This is why I do this. This is why I love winter.

Click this image to view pictures from my weekend.

So, Did you attend any good barbeques over the weekend, What great July weather we had, nearly 70° outside. Wait, what’s that you say? I have the wrong month? Oh, it’s January, not July. Sorry, my mistake. I guess the either just had me confused. I ask this of my fellow Bostonians; “Why are people celebrating this.” Hey, newsflash!! Your house is going to be underwater if this type of weather keeps up.

By the way, If you’ve never read any of my other blogs from past years, I complain about this topic like every post. The truth of the mater is this. We live in New England, like it or not, it gets cold and warm here. The problem is that, this usually happens seasonally, not weekly. This poses a small problem that perhaps you have seen in the news. Trees only have so many “Blooms.” Most have around 4. This means that if we keep getting these long strings of days, trees will bloom, and we’ve wasted 1. It is common to waste a few blooms as temps stabilize in springtime, but if we waste too many now, we will have a summer that feels like summer and looks like winter, doesn’t that sound fun? I was in New Hampshire over the weekend; “NEW HAMPSHIRE!!” & I saw trees blooming. Problematic.

It seems that old man winter is back now however, and the ski areas are getting snow & cold temps again, at least in ski country. Not to say anything for Blue Hills down here in Canton, MA, where I was supposed to teach one night a week.

My request to you is this, please embrace the wintertime. It’s really not so uncomfortable; you just have to prepare for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. I love Baseball, Barbeques, Biking, Fishing, Sailing, Swimming, & all the other things that come with summer, but there better when you can really value them, by having both “a summer” & “a winter,” “…Because without the bitter baby, the sweet just aint’ as sweet” -Vanilla Sky

So I am sitting at Panera Bread killing time. I was surfing around the web and doing nothing of too much importance, when I realized the perfect thing to do. I thought; I should post to my blog. I haven’t in a while and its so the type of thing to do while sitting in a coffee shop surfing the web. It’s definitly the Web 2.0 thing to do.
I don’t really have too much to post about. I have been keeping super busy but not doing much of too much importance. Most recently I have decided what snowboard equipment I am getting, and decided exactly what my battle plan is going to be in terms of this seasons ski season. I have decided to work at Cannon again, (a decision that didn’t come easily,) & also do a night a week at Blue Hills. I think this is a good thing because I need to try and get excited about skiing again. Last season I wasn’t, and it usually is my favorite thing to do. I am hoping that the people at Blue Hills can help bring back some of the excitement I had lost.
I guess the other thing I have been doing is really trying to refine some of my work that I do in freelance video I do. In fact, I’m off to a meeting of the NPVA now. That said, it’s time to go.

I have a few things board related to post about, some good, and some bad, and no two about the same type of boards.

1. First off, and worst off; I bought a new graphics card, ATI Radeon X1300 All In Wonder. It is an awesome card. It supports 2 monitors has video in and out as well as an fm tuner. I pulled out my computer, (a task in itself) and go to put the card in, it doesn’t fit, but not by much… so I helped it along a bit. Bad idea, I fried my motherboard, now my computer won’t do anything besides power up the power supply. So that’s great, well at least now I can probably get a faster processor, which I have kind of wanted to do for a while. I just would have preferred doing it on my on schedule, and not be forced.

2. The second bit of board related news is “Snowboard News.” It’s September, the leaves have started falling, ski club meetings are starting up, all signs that it is time to start considering the new season. Most of you are probably saying it’s too early, but believe it or not the ski season actually takes a good bit of planning on my behalf in order to make it a good, fun year, (which something I overlooked last year.) Since I put so many days on my equipment each year I need to get new equipment often. I didn’t get new stuff last year and my riding reflected it.
So I have started the process of shopping for a board and now the big question is do I go with Burton, or Atomic? A little background: Burton is a really good, but a really big company, and it is hard to be noticed as a good candidate to represent their company (which produces schwag.) Atomic is smaller, and I have a history repping for them, but they kinda screwed me last year and I didn’t do any work for them. Is it time for me to make the move back to Burton?
Let me know your thoughts.

As for updates to this website, there is a massive picture/gallery redesign in beta for right now, and It would have probably been released this week, but then came my computer issues. If you would like a preview then email me, and I will send you a link.