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“July” … I mean “January” 4th weekend

So, Did you attend any good barbeques over the weekend, What great July weather we had, nearly 70° outside. Wait, what’s that you say? I have the wrong month? Oh, it’s January, not July. Sorry, my mistake. I guess the either just had me confused. I ask this of my fellow Bostonians; “Why are people celebrating this.” Hey, newsflash!! Your house is going to be underwater if this type of weather keeps up.

By the way, If you’ve never read any of my other blogs from past years, I complain about this topic like every post. The truth of the mater is this. We live in New England, like it or not, it gets cold and warm here. The problem is that, this usually happens seasonally, not weekly. This poses a small problem that perhaps you have seen in the news. Trees only have so many “Blooms.” Most have around 4. This means that if we keep getting these long strings of days, trees will bloom, and we’ve wasted 1. It is common to waste a few blooms as temps stabilize in springtime, but if we waste too many now, we will have a summer that feels like summer and looks like winter, doesn’t that sound fun? I was in New Hampshire over the weekend; “NEW HAMPSHIRE!!” & I saw trees blooming. Problematic.

It seems that old man winter is back now however, and the ski areas are getting snow & cold temps again, at least in ski country. Not to say anything for Blue Hills down here in Canton, MA, where I was supposed to teach one night a week.

My request to you is this, please embrace the wintertime. It’s really not so uncomfortable; you just have to prepare for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. I love Baseball, Barbeques, Biking, Fishing, Sailing, Swimming, & all the other things that come with summer, but there better when you can really value them, by having both “a summer” & “a winter,” “…Because without the bitter baby, the sweet just aint’ as sweet” -Vanilla Sky