So lately I have been on a big recycling kick. I’ve seen too many documentaries, and scary statistics to ignore the fact that it’s super important, not to mention economically wise to recycle. Something that I have realized since I started recycling (paper at least) is that the recycle bin actually helps me organizationally. Yes, I do need to have an additional bin near my trash can that takes up more space, but there many are benefits as well. Think about the recycle bin on your computer. Have you ever deleted something then thought later; “Damn, why did I delete that file!” Well I find a physical recycle bin offers the same solution as the recycle bin on a computer does. Using a recycling bin not only allows you to help the environment, but also helps you in the case you discard something prematurely. I have also found that using a recycling bin has helped me to get rid of some of the things that I am not sure if I should keep or get rid of, as well as things that I have a difficult time putting in the trash (ie. greeting cards.) So there you have it, a tip that is both helpful for you and for our planet. Now just think, I am that much closer to 100% digital filing & 0 paper waste (my resolution for next New Years.)

Some people say I am crazy; going skiing every weekend, working every week day. At times I wonder myself it this is true. Then I have a weekend like I had this weekend. The type I haven’t had in two years. I am covered in bumps and bruises, and I am here to tell you that I wouldn’t want it any other way. I had a wonderful weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the 30+” of snow that Cannon received last week. The 6-8″ that fell all day on Sunday was just the icing on the cake. This is why I do this. This is why I love winter.

Click this image to view pictures from my weekend.

Alright, again, I don’t like to get political on my blog, but right on the heals of my previous post about the “Boston Aqua Teen Hunger Force Hoax Devices” I saw a news story about how Geocaching can be mistaken as a terrorist activity.I can understand why, but this is a perfect example of letting fear stifle our liberties.For those who don’t know, Geocaching is a sport where users get GPS coordinates to where a box (or cache) is hidden.Users then use a GPS receiver to find the cache, and log the find in a notebook inside, and also online at a later time.Their reward for the find is to take a small treasure from the box.

This is a sport that I took up over the summer, and it really disturbs me that I need fear legal prosecution for simply getting outside and enjoying the meshing of nature and technology.So during all the hype we are seeing from this “Boston Hoax Device” saga keep in mind the hobbies and other innocent pastimes which could become unnecessarily regulated.

I try not to let this page turn into a political forum, so I try not to discuss things that bring up politics too often here. In the case of the “Boston Aqua Teen Hunger Force Hoax Devices” however I feel that I must bend my rule and point out something absolutely ridiculous.

I think that no matter where you are in this country you have probably heard about the “Hoax Devices” found scattered throughout Boston. Many people are bursting brain cells trying to figure out who to blame. Who do we blame!?! Who will pay for this?!?! Well folks, the more and more I think about this situation, the more I deduce that this event really shows my political feelings/stance. Sometimes things, aren’t just black and white, hot and cold, liberal or conservative. Sometimes, things can’t just be put in one bin or another. In the world we live in we are but one small part of so many, many other parts. Sometimes we are bound to see something or some event we have never seen before. You can look back at this guerrilla marketing attempt and say what you will about it. You can say they should have known better, they should have warned people, they must have expected this reaction, or so many other things. However, the truth is, who knew what to expect, something like this has never happened before. The only thing I know for certain here is that “shit happens!” To this many people might say but what if someone had died? Well to that person I would ask if they knew how many people died making the Panama Canal, or how many people died during the construction of the Hoover damn. These are both things of value of great value that didn’t come with out great sacrifice. I can’t possibly understand giving away my freedoms and living in fear of something so simple as a Lite-brite giving me the finger.

I guess I would make a bad judge in the eyes of the public, because I think that in regard to this unprecedented event, I probably wouldn’t punish anyone. Instead , I would commend the response that was made. I certainly wouldn’t be happy that all this happened, but I would absolutely take the opportunity to point out some of the problems that this sort of thing did create. I just don’t think that I would, or could punish any of the involved people, because I see absolutely no intentions of malice from anyone who ever had anything to do with this.