Alright, preface: This is not the whole story, because the story is still developing. But let me tell you; since Saturday, my computer has been in pieces and won’t get past the windows loading screen. Bios, windows loading screen, blue screen of death (flashes,) repeat. This has been the problem for not 1 but both of the 2 motherboards, I have bought in the last 5 days. The present thinking is that I have a boot sector virus. So most recently I spent the night playing the old hard drive swap game, backing up files for a format and fresh reinstall. Of course this morning after the copy (using my father’s computer) His computer wouldn’t start up. Every “step” of this process has multiplied to 5.
When this project is done, I am going to make a long post about the things I have learned, I will talk about some of the steps you can take to not find your self in the same situation. Until then my head hurts. But at the present rate; not for long, because I am about to loose it.

I have a few things board related to post about, some good, and some bad, and no two about the same type of boards.

1. First off, and worst off; I bought a new graphics card, ATI Radeon X1300 All In Wonder. It is an awesome card. It supports 2 monitors has video in and out as well as an fm tuner. I pulled out my computer, (a task in itself) and go to put the card in, it doesn’t fit, but not by much… so I helped it along a bit. Bad idea, I fried my motherboard, now my computer won’t do anything besides power up the power supply. So that’s great, well at least now I can probably get a faster processor, which I have kind of wanted to do for a while. I just would have preferred doing it on my on schedule, and not be forced.

2. The second bit of board related news is “Snowboard News.” It’s September, the leaves have started falling, ski club meetings are starting up, all signs that it is time to start considering the new season. Most of you are probably saying it’s too early, but believe it or not the ski season actually takes a good bit of planning on my behalf in order to make it a good, fun year, (which something I overlooked last year.) Since I put so many days on my equipment each year I need to get new equipment often. I didn’t get new stuff last year and my riding reflected it.
So I have started the process of shopping for a board and now the big question is do I go with Burton, or Atomic? A little background: Burton is a really good, but a really big company, and it is hard to be noticed as a good candidate to represent their company (which produces schwag.) Atomic is smaller, and I have a history repping for them, but they kinda screwed me last year and I didn’t do any work for them. Is it time for me to make the move back to Burton?
Let me know your thoughts.

As for updates to this website, there is a massive picture/gallery redesign in beta for right now, and It would have probably been released this week, but then came my computer issues. If you would like a preview then email me, and I will send you a link.

Well here it is. My blog has finally gone live. This project has been months in the making. I plan to post all sorts of things here, including; news from my life, cool things I come across on the internet or in life, & lots more which will all unfold over time.
This website is undergoing some rather large changes, or more importantly, additions. I am slowly layering them on and I hope the process will be transparent to you the visitor. If at any time you ever see an error, large or small, let me know. Thanks for reading, and check back in the future.