People always seem to ask me for help fixing their computers. Most of the time these “fixes” aren’t much more then simple scans of your system or a de-fragmentation of you hard drive. There’s a lot of programs out there for de-fragmenting your computer, but I don’t really recommend any because window does come with a default de-fragmentation tool. Here’s a little more information on that in case you need it.

There’s a lots of software out there which you can use to clean up your computer, but who knows which you need and which ones are the best. The short answer to that question is… me. At least for today’s purposes. So I hope this helps. I’ve made a short list of programs that I think all people should keep on their computers and make a point to run at least once a month. It’s not that I’m an authority on this topic, but I figure enough people ask me what I use, that I can now just as easily direct people to this site to read and be linked for themselves. It seems in my opinion, that these programs seem to be the industry’s standard for the most part.

Link: How to Defrag in Windows XP
Link: Eric’s Recommended Software for Computer Repair

Well, ski season is officially over. It’s really hard for me, but what a season it was. For the first time ever I hiked Tuckerman’s ravine and made a pretty nice run down. It was definitely exhausting, but it was honestly the experience of a lifetime. I will absolutely do it again. I highly recommends looking at the pictures. Apparently the day I went was one of the most popular weekends in recent history up there, and there were thousands of people up there. It was almost like a beach party. Te trip down was way better the the trip up. We took the Sherborne trail down and it might actually have been my favorite part of the day. What a beautiful and rhythmic ride down. So now that the weather is getting nicer it’s time to start thinking about summer sports. I’ve begun working on my boats and can’t wait until they’re in the water. I also bought a new bike with plans to do a lot more bike riding this year. While searching for good bike routs nearby I came across a great website for mapping your bike rides, as well as searching through rides cataloged by other people nearby. I’ve posted a few of the routes I like on my page, but all of is pretty cool to check out. I’d recommend it. Read more