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Installing Flash onto Android 2.2

Ahh, so my phone just downloaded and installed Android 2.2 (code name Froyo) the other day. Not only does Froyo update enable native USB tethering and getting faster system performance With Android 2.2 loaded on my Droid, You are now … Continue reading

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Two Computers One iPods

I’ve always wanted to be able to work with my music when away from my desktop, and until recently I haven’t been able to swing it. It always made more sense to me to manage my music over the weekend … Continue reading

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Two Monitors: 1. The Web. 2. Full Screen Online TV.

Do you have two computer monitors? have you ever been sick of what’s on TV and wanted to watch something from a site like Hulu or YouTube full screen on your second monitor while reading through Facebook news feeds, chatting … Continue reading

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Find local mailboxes with Mailbox Map

Services like Netflix or Blockbuster Online have really made renting movies a lot easier, it seems like the hardest part is returning the DVDs to the warehouse. I mean DVDs arriving strait to your door is like the epitome of … Continue reading

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Grab your favorite web video with Replay Media Catcher

So I’m back from my trip to Wyoming catch the pictures if you haven’t yet. I really had a great trip, but as usual on trips to far away places the plane ride was extremely long and arduous. The flight … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Telemarketing

Recently I heard a rumor that cell phone companies were planning to release lists of their customer’s numbers to telemarketers. Telemarketers would likely love to get their hands on these new numbers, as the quantity of cell phone numbers now … Continue reading

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Computer Repair Software

People always seem to ask me for help fixing their computers. Most of the time these “fixes” aren’t much more then simple scans of your system or a de-fragmentation of you hard drive. There’s a lot of programs out there … Continue reading

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Smartphone Review , Tips & Tricks.

A while back, as most people know, the iPhone came out. You just can’t deny it, it’s pretty slick. It is ease to use, it’s pretty looking, and oh so streamlined. Around the same time as the iPhone was coming … Continue reading

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Making it a Little Easier to Trust Gmail

Over the last few weeks gmail has randomly deleted 3 weeks of emails from my system. I think gmail is a wonderful thing as it allows me to take my inbox wherever I go and feel at home and ready … Continue reading

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College & Textbooks

Now, I’m out of college, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still remember the sour taste that each new semester left in my mouth from buying new books. Preying on poor college students and letting them get further into … Continue reading

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